At T.A. Mathieu we focus on three basic things:



Our Customers, Our Quality, Your Budget



We provide both new construction and realtors to help you though the entire process. By providing both services, we can leverage and offer maximum competitive rates through the life cycle of your project.



Nothing we do matters without you. And we know our best advocate is you, our customer. The simple philosophy of our business is rooted in making our customers happy. We can handle your project from start to finish. We are offer and are a complete Design Build firm.



1 - Bring your ideas or plans to us. We can provide architects to draw your home, and handle the total design and construction process based on your input. We offer complete Design Build consultation, we will handle your house plan, interior design proposals and coordinating finishes.



2 - We will consult with you. Its one thing to have a design, its another to offer advice on small tweaks to the build to save you money on your bottom line. Its amazing how some small suggestions can reduce costs by tens of thousands! Part of our process is offering advice and working with architects to manage the best cost tradeoffs for your build to maintain predictable budgets.



3 - After you are ready, plans settled on, and land picked out we break ground; and provide a scheduling sheet of tasks at hand so you can track progress. We provide weekly updates via email, and always there to answer questions.



4 - Quality. We use our 'guys'. We know they do it right, honor warranty, and are reliable. They stay in business. As a result, some things do not come with a rush, we need to do it right from day one. We manage that for you! And we expect it to be perfect.



Homes are built by many contractors every day. It is a common practice, and simply there are many contractors you can use. We believe the house building process is a multi-month partnership with our customers and from day one, we hope you feel that. We aim to separate ourselves by building a quality product and providing responsive service.